ShopClues redefines what is Fake so that they can continue selling fakes #WholesaleMein

I had come to know that ShopClues sells fakes but while looking at their twitter feed (@ShopClues), I was amazed to see that they have actually come up with a brand new definition of what is fake and what is a ‘First Copy’.

Apparently, when their products are copied from original directly, it is not a fake! It Looks like according to ShopClues fakes are the ones which get copied from other ‘fakes’. Listen to the call below, for your Saturday morning laughs….

according to if you copy a product from original product, they are not called Fake and Duplicate. Listen

Does anyone know of a simple process by which such unscrupulous elements can be brought to task? The legal process that I know of does not fit well with the work schedule, so I had kept that on the back burner as of now.

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